About the 1% Solution
The 1% Solution Series was produced for both the experienced Mobile Entertainer as well as mobile DJs at the start of their careers. The concept is simple-very small, easy to implement changes which will result in a vastly improved performance.

The series is filled with real life examples of performance enhancing techniques which can be used by all levels of performers. These are the techniques which will allow you to generate more direct referral business, resulting in more demand for your services, and giving you the ability to command a higher fee while reducing your advertising costs.

Thanksgiving Sale!
To thank all of our fans, old and new, to all of the DJs we’ve helped and will help in the future, here is our first ever Thanksgiving Sale.

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*By doing it as a rebate rather than a sale price, we avoid having to make all those changes to our website prices twice, so you will be charged the full price, but the rebate will credited as soon as your order is processed, typically within 24 hours. (And yes, we’ll even refund 50% of the sales tax, where applicable.)